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Did you know that among all the systems that run in your home, the septic system is the most important?

It is one of the systems that runs in the background and you don’t feel unless there is something wrong with it. It is buried underground and because it is not visible, it often gets overlooked!

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Septic Tank Pumping

Your septic tank needs to be pumped before the sludge builds up and blocks the pipe completely. This is usually done every 3-5 years if you want your septic tank running as it can.

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Septic Inspections

Keeping your septic tank running in optimal condition can be difficult if you don’t see what’s going on. Septic tanks are often installed underground, somewhere between 10 to 25 feet away.

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Wastewater Bulk Hauling

You will need more than just a simple septic tank pumping job and may need something bigger - like Wastewater Bulk Hauling! Schedule wastewater bulk hauling regularly to keep your commercial septic systems working efficiently!

Why Choose Us for Your Septic Cleaning?

Septic systems require more maintenance than city sewage lines. They will need more attention, but they are more cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

At Royal Flush Septic, we understand that you want top-notch services performed on your septic system. That is exactly what we promise to provide to all of our valued clients too. We are a company that puts the satisfaction of the people we work with above everything else! 

Aside from giving your septic systems the best quality of services possible, we value your time and effort too. We always make it a point that we go above and beyond to complete each job as timely and flawlessly as we can. You can be confident that after we work on your septic system, there will be nothing left to worry about! 

In addition, we also take time to get you educated about your septic system. As the owner of the property, you need to know how the system works and how you can tell if you need to call us again. 

We want you to live worry-free about your septic system. We believe that the best way to do this is through open communication and providing you exceptional services.

Our Works

Your septic system is important because it is responsible for draining waste and it is vital for the plumbing throughout your home too.

Septic tank systems need to be maintained regularly by trained professionals to make sure that they are running efficiently. They are often found underground and that means you need help from someone who knows how to use the equipment that is specialized to locate and clean them out!

Royal Flush Septic is the premier provider for septic system services such as septic tank pumping, septic inspections, and wastewater bulk hauling throughout Mississippi and Alabama. We have been serving residents in Greene, George, Wayne, Perry County, Mobile, Washington, and Clarke County.

Our mission at Royal Flush Septic is simple. We want to make sure that we are providing high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs.

We operate with a team of technicians who are trained, licensed, and experienced in taking care of your septic system. Whether you need septic services for a residential home or a commercial property, you can be confident that our technicians know what to do!

Your satisfaction is our priority. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are getting the best quality of services without breaking the bank!

Septic tanks are large containers that collect, store, and separate sludge and scum from wastewater before it goes back to the soil. The bacteria in the waste collected in septic tanks help decompose solid matter and prepare the water for redirection to the drain fields.

The wastewater collected from your toilet, kitchen, and laundry usually take around 24 hours to cure in the septic tank before it is released. Curing time may vary depending on different factors such as the number of residents and drainages there are, and how frequently they are being used.

Septic tanks are usually installed underground, somewhere between 10 to 25 feet away from your property. With it being out of sight, it is not surprising that it also slips out of mind from time to time.

You need to have your septic system regularly maintained if you do not want to run into issues that will cause bacteria buildup and foul-smelling odors. Without regular maintenance, sludge and scum collected from the wastewater will block the pipes that lead them away from your property. Letting that happen will cause a nasty buildup and expensive damages to your entire septic system.

Septic system maintenance is not something we encourage you to do on your own. With septic tanks being buried underground, you need to be knowledgeable and experienced enough to operate equipment that is used to locate and clean them out.

Here at Royal Flush Septic, we can help you with that! We have a team of professionals who will help you make sure that your septic system is running efficiently. Our technicians are always ready to take on your septic needs, whether it is for your residential home or commercial property.

The services we offer are exactly what you need to keep your septic system running smoothly. We provide septic tank pumping, septic inspections, and wastewater bulk hauling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Septic tanks are typically buried underground. You may find them anywhere between 10 to 25 feet away from your property. You can try locating it by tracing the sewer pipes from your basement or by probing the ground with an electronic locating device, but the best way is still to have a professional do it for you.

Septic tanks usually have an access opening that can extend to ground level for access. This opening is how technicians perform maintenance and inspection on them.

Septic tank pumping is the process of cleaning sludge buildup to avoid blocking the pipes that lead the wastewater out.

Generally, septic tanks need to be pumped every 2 to 5 years to prevent buildup and blocking, but there are other factors to consider too. The frequency of maintenance and pumping will depend on the size of the property, size of the tank, number of residents, and amount of waste being produced.

Yes, you need to have your septic tank inspected regularly. Septic inspections are done to assess the condition of the tank and how much work needs to be done for maintenance.

For new constructions, you need to make sure that the septic system is designed and installed properly. For existing septic systems, regular maintenance is the way to go.

A septic tank alarm is a device that goes off to warn you about potential problems before they get serious. Some septic tanks come with alarms, but they are not found in all of them.

Slow draining pipes can be a sign of septic problems if you have not had it serviced for a while. If you have recently had maintenance performed on your septic system, something else may be causing it.

Bleach will not be harmful to your septic system if you use it in moderation. Most cleaning products contain bleach to kill bacteria and too much of it can cause septic system problems. Bacteria is what decomposes the solid matter that comes with wastewater and too much bleach will interfere with the curing process.

No, chemicals are not used in septic maintenance. Septic maintenance usually includes inspection and pumping only. Inspections are done to check the tank’s physical condition, while pumping is done to clear out sludge that has accumulated inside it.

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